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Meet the authors of Appealing Because He Is Appalling: Black Masculinities, Colonialism, and Erotic Racism

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Vendredi 4 juin 2021

13:00 - 14:30
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To be confirmed / À confirmer
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Événements d'association , Combattre le colonialisme et le racisme anti-Noirs
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This collection of original essays written by transitional scholars invites us to rethink the ways African-descended men are seen as both appealing and appalling, are exposed to eroticized hatred and violence and how some resist, accommodate, and capi­talize on their eroticization. Drawing on James Baldwin and Frantz Fanon, the authors examine the contra­dictions, paradoxes, and politico-psychosexual implications of Black men as objects of sexual desire, fear, and loathing in the transnational context.  The editor and select contributors will describe their work, participate in a discussion and engage with the audience.

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