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Community Wealth-building in the Global North: A Roadmap for an Equitable COVID-19 Recovery

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Mercredi 2 juin 2021

09:30 - 10:30
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Événements d'association , Programmation autochtone , Relations nordiques
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For nearly two decades, the Democracy Collaborative (TDC), an international
research lab for the democratic economy has focused on developing systemic and
practical solutions to address the serious economic and ecological problems we are
facing. We know that the disastrous effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on Black,
Indigenous, and people of colour stems from the un-addressed and un-repaired
history of structural racism that is at the heart of our current economic system. In
this keynote presentation Ted Howard presents examples of Community Wealth Building that
model options for an equitable recovery for vulnerable communities in the global
north. This is a moment of crystallization —a fluid political moment that presents us
with an opportunity to build on solutions that already exist in many communities.
The Democracy Collaborative has published a five-point plan that outlines how they
believe our work can help contribute to a shift in mind set. They see this plan as an
evolving set of strategies that can help put us on the high road to an equitable,
sustainable, and democratic economy rather than continuing along the low road of
financially extractive and highly unequal economic policy that has oppressed
vulnerable northern communities. There is an alternate economy being born out of
a new order of thinking that confronts the “Divine Right of Capitalism” and
highlights a return to the wisdom of our ancestors.
Conférenciers :
  • Ted Howard, President & Co-Founder, The Democracy Collaborative