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Société canadienne d'histoire de l'église

Association N° 9
Société canadienne d'histoire de l'église (SCHÉ)
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Mardi 1 juin 2021 - Jeudi 3 juin 2021
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Founded in 1960, the Canadian Society of Church History (CSCH) is a non-denominational association dedicated to promoting and encouraging research in the history of Christianity, particularly the history of Christianity in Canada. Over the years, the Society’s annual meetings have provided a forum for Canada’s leading historians of Christianity to present and discuss their research in a welcoming and supportive environment. The meeting is enriched by the participation of scholars at all career stages. Thus, the Society encourages junior scholars (including graduate students), mid-career scholars, and senior scholars to present papers. Graduate students who present papers and are/or become members of the Society may apply for a small subsidy to help with the costs of travel, accommodation, and conference registration. The best graduate essay is eligible for the John Webster Grant- John S. Moir Graduate Essay Prize.


The 2021 CSCH Annual Meeting will take place at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Alberta from June 1st to 3rd. The CSCH invites proposals for individual papers and panel submissions from scholars working in the area of the history of Christianity in Canada, as well as the history of Christianity in other parts of the world. The theme of Congress 2021 is “Northern Relations” and while we welcome submissions that address a breadth of themes in church history, we especially invite submissions that explore the overarching theme of Congress, as it relates to the history of Canadian churches and faith groups. We also welcome papers that stretch the boundaries of the field or that intersect with other disciplines.


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Updated : 2021-05-06
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13:30 - 15:00
The Church of Saint Thomas Paine: Toward a Religious History of Secularism Société canadienne d'histoire de l'église Événements d'association
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Le 15 janvier 2021
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Brian Froese, Canadian Mennonite University

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