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Société théologique canadienne

Association N° 65
Société théologique canadienne (STC)
Dates de conférence : 
Lundi 31 mai 2021 - Mercredi 2 juin 2021
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The Canadian Theological Society was founded in 1955 to promote theological reflection and writing in a Canadian context. Today it is a lively community of theologians from all corners of Canada who represent a broad range of denominations and scholarly interests, and serve the university, seminary, and church. Our time together at Congress is a wonderful mix of scholarly presentations and panels, networking and social time, and supporting young scholars through mentoring events. We welcome all who are interested in supporting the life of theological scholarship in Canada. Whether you are still working on your dissertation, a junior scholar, or an established expert in your field – the Canadian Theological Society looks forward to your enriching participation in our work.

The theme for the Canadian Theological Society for 2021 is “Unsettling Northern Relations.” Theological reflection on this theme includes, for example, unveiling the theological significance and implications of the emergence and history of ideas of the North as part of core-periphery, North-north and North-South relations, nature-nurture ecological relations and cultural impact on notions of barren wilderness to explore and exploit, and Doctrine of discovery. Other themes include developing ethical, pedagogical and ministerial resources enabling theological scholarship to find new ways to raise critical awareness of the actual reality and challenges of the North and advocate for a concerted effort to address the global ecological crisis and create conditions for truly sustainable and harmonious inhabitation of all the lands on which Canada is located. We welcome theological papers from all religious traditions, and especially seek those that engage Indigenous and other ways of knowing as lived and taught in the Canadian North. We encourage scholarship that probes how theology might challenge settler-colonialism and anti-black racism, as experienced in Canada. Given the theme of conversation, we also are particularly eager to explore theologies outside of mainstream Christianity, including postcolonial, feminist, anti-racist, environmental and animal studies.

If you are eager to attend and take part in theological presentations, panels and discussions welcoming and nurturing interdisciplinary cross-pollinating and constructive debate, join us on 31 May-3 June 2021 for what promises to be a stimulating gathering. Please consult the Call for Papers posted on the Canadian Theological Society website and submit a paper or panel proposal by 5 February 2021.

Programme : 
Updated : 2021-04-29
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Date limite des invitations à présenter des communications : 
Le 1 février 2021
Responsables de programme : 

Jean-Pierre Fortin, University of St. Michael’s College in the University of Toronto

Coordonnateurs locaux/Coordonnatrices locales : 

Doris Kieser, St. Joseph's College, University of Alberta

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